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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Liquor permit required?

Yes, Douglas County requires a Temporary Liquor License. You may obtain one at 1038 Buckey Rd, Minden, Nv. you may call 775-782-9933 for further information.


     $15/day Beer & Wine

     $25/day Unrestricted


     $50/day Beer & Wine

     $75/day Unrestricted

Can my mother/brother/uncle etc. serve the alcohol?

NO. Only an individual with a valid Alcohol Awareness card may serve alcohol.

Is there a smoking area?

There is no smoking near/in/around barn or in the wood chips. We ask that if you need to smoke that you do so in the designated smoking area dispose of your cigarette butts in the provided butt can. Any cigarette butts found after an event will be charged $500.

Can we have candles/open flame?

The only candles allowed are flameless candles. Due to our area and the barn/wood chips flame is NOT permitted. Sparklers and fireworks are also NOT permitted.

Is there Handicap Parking?

Yes, and it will be visibly marked as well as mentioned to event contact. There are two spaces.

Are dogs allowed?

No, we do not have a venue that can accommodate dogs. We are a working ranch and cannot risk them getting under our fences. Service dogs are allowed but must stay with owner at ALL times. Service dog owner is responsible for cleaning up after their dog.

Can we us a charcoal grill?

We ask that only propane be used for grilling.

Can we bring our own heaters and firepit?

Yes. However, it must be electric. Absolutely no wood or anything that could potentially cause a fire permitted on the property.

Can we have curtains hung?

Yes. However, they must be fire retardant.

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