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Choosing the perfect Wedding DJ: Keep your reception running smoothly and your dance floor poppin’

A DJ is there to keep your dance floor packed all night and play your perfectly curated song list, but they also provide much more for your special day! They’re the Master of Ceremonies, there to make announcements for your guests, make sure your aisle music is perfectly timed, and provide sound so guests can clearly hear your vows. At the reception, they coordinate those special moments like your first dance, your Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances, the cake cutting, and more. They’ll make all your special announcements and keep the guests informed and organized all day long.

The dance floor is also a part of the reception many people look forward to! A great DJ will pay attention to the guests and their likes or dislikes to keep it lively and fun until your grand exit.

They play a significant role in your big day, so choosing someone to make it a breeze is essential! Read more to learn about our preferred DJ vendors for your Park Home Ranch Wedding.

McClains Mobile DJ

McClains Mobile DJ is a DJ and Emcee service specializing in weddings, company events, and private parties. Owned by Tracy and Mike Schroeder, McClain’s has performed across the Reno and Lake Tahoe area for the last 40 years.

When choosing your wedding DJ, Tracy emphasizes the importance of booking a DJ with great reviews and performs well as your Master of Ceremonies, as this is a significant aspect of your big day. It’s a good idea to ask your venue or other vendors whom they prefer working with rather than basing your choice solely on online reviews.

Your DJ is the expert when it comes to getting a feel for what music you want played at your wedding, along with reading the crowd and making sure all your guests are enjoying the music. Trust the expert to handle everything so that you only need to worry about tearing up the dance floor with your new partner!

“I would give your DJ creative freedom during the dance party to read the crowd and take requests to ensure that EVERYONE has a good time,” Tracy said. “There are a variety of age groups at your wedding, it’s a great gesture to consider your guests.”

McClains Mobile DJ has an online planning tool that allows couples to give them their vision and can access a song list of all the wedding songs to help them pick what songs they want. They can view different categories like Top 50 First Dance Songs, etc., to see what is popularly played and help couples in their search.

Tracy’s favorite part about working weddings is when the couples see each other for the first time walking down the aisle, along with creating special moments with the music.

“I like to do a love circle at the end of the wedding with the couple in the center,” Tracy said. “I tell them to just take a look around the room of all their loved ones and soak in the love surrounding them. I play a song like “Closing Time” or” I Had The Time Of My Life” and everyone is swaying around the couple. It’s a really special moment and a great way to end the night.”

The songs they play most at weddings? Shout, September by Earth, Wind, and Fire, Usher’s YEAH, and everyone’s favorite - The Cupid Shuffle.

McClains Mobile DJ has worked many Park Home Ranch Venue weddings and is a great consideration for your Park Ranch Wedding! No matter the DJ, make sure they understand you as a couple and the feel you want for your reception, along with knowing they can take care of you and your guests all day long.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website to learn more! You can contact them directly at!

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