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Wedding Photography on Your Big Day: Meet Our Vendors!

Updated: Mar 22

One of the most important vendors that you will choose for your special day will be your wedding photographer and/or videographer. Entrusting someone to capture all the moments of your big day and deciding how it will be preserved is a big decision.

When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer, some big things to think about are your budget, the style of the photographer such as editing and posing, and most importantly, who your photographer is and how you connect with them.

With all this being said, do not worry! We’ve compiled a list of our trusted local photography vendors who will no doubt take care of you on your special day!

Brittany Sierra Photography

Brittany DeWitt is an elopement and wedding photographer based in Gardnerville and Lake Tahoe but also travels worldwide. She started her photography business two years ago & when she’s not photographing, she’s hiking, fishing, and creating art.

An important wedding day aspect for Brittany is to connect with her couple on a personal and deeper level. Getting to know the couple lets her authentically capture the day, as she knows their likes and dislikes and how they interact with one another. It also allows the couple to make sure they like their photographer and are comfortable with them throughout their entire day.

What makes her stand out among others?

“Being inclusive to all love is my expertise. I believe love is love. I vow to always create a safe space for all skin tones, genders, orientations, shapes, sizes, abilities, beliefs, and cultures.” @brittanysierraphotography

Keoma Zec Photography

Keoma Zec is a Belgian-born wedding photographer who has photographed over 200 weddings all over the planet. Prior to moving to the Reno - Tahoe area he lived in the French Alps, London, UK, and Medellin, Colombia and photographed in the largest wedding destinations like France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc. He’s been in the wedding photography business for almost 10 years and spends his time working with non-governmental organizations and charities across the globe.

When choosing a photographer, he emphasizes not just focusing on your budget. Compare styles, view more than one of their previous wedding galleries, and have a meeting with the photographer to see if your p